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December 5, 2014

Futuristic Wind Turbines Take the Form of Sleek Minimalist Trees

The Wind Tree, developed by the French New Wind group, is a prototype battery of small wind turbines in the form of a minimalist tree that seamlessly blends in with urban environments. Standing 26 feet tall, plastic pods resembling leaves, with miniature turbine blades inside, hang from the tree's steel branches and can swivel to catch the wind at any angle.

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December 1, 2014

Masterful Photographs Transform Dried Scotch Into Interstellar Landscapes

Ernie Button's skillfully composed photographs transform the remnants of a glass of scotch into brilliantly colored celestial settings. The Phoenix-based photographer captures the wondrous natural beauty of crystallized residue of single malt scotch at the bottom of a glass in a series titled Vanishing Spirits. After first noticing this silty layer left in his glass one night, he started comparing and photographing different Scotches from other makers.

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November 27, 2014

Japanese Design Firm Envisions a Gorgeous, Futuristic Underwater City

Japanese firm Shimizu Corporation has developed plans for this incredible and futuristic self-sustaining city that floats just under the ocean's surface. This safe haven capable of sustaining a permanent population of 5000 is designed to use the ocean as shelter from storms and other climate hazards, retracting deeper underwater to shield it from conditions above the surface.

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November 23, 2014

Photographer Captures Inner Clockwork of Old Calculators

In his series Low Tech, photographer Kevin Twomey gives us a glimpse of the convoluted inner workings of decades-old calculators. The San Francisco-based Twomey brings the countless levers, springs, and motors of these machines to life by employing theatrical lighting techniques. In addition to this keen application of lighting effects, each image is composed of multiple shots at different distances that are then layered using a digital tool called Helicon Focus.

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