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May 26, 2018

Artist Creates Meticulously Detailed Ink Drawings of Architecture Around the World

Thailand-based Japanese artist and self-described “dream traveler” Emi Nakajima crafts intricate drawings of buildings around the world. Rendered in ink, each piece conveys Nakajima's knack for realistically reproducing an array of architectural details. Nakajima's awe-inspiring works of art showcase a range of destinations across the globe. She appears to have a preference for churches, from the Gothic cathedrals of France and Italy to Spain's celebrated Sagrada Família.

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May 23, 2018

This Interactive Pop-Up Book Turns Into Six Fully-Functioning Devices

Given her affinity for “simple things that don't behave as expected,” it comes as no surprise that designer Kelli Anderson has adopted the pop-up book as her main muse. While many of her past projects—including her pinhole camera—exist as stand-alone pieces, she has recently opted to compile her “paper devices” into books, like This Book Is a Planetarium and Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions.

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May 21, 2018

Charming Wildlife Portraits Capture the Expressive Faces of Foxes in the Wild

Pairing his passion for photography with his interest in “hanging out” with animals, 21-year-old Ossi Saarinen is dedicated to documenting his encounters with wildlife. While his body of work stars adorable animals all over Helsinki, the Finnish photographer is particularly fascinated by foxes, as evident in his collection of revealing portraits. In these striking photographs, Saarinen skillfully captures each animal's unique expressions and distinctive appearance.

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May 18, 2018

Creative Mom Documents Daily Life With Cute and Funny Family Photos

On her popular Instagram page, Canadian blogger Kate Weiland shares adorable snapshots of her fun-loving family. Ranging from sentimental to silly, the quirky collection of photographs acts as a “digital sliver” of her daily life. In the photos, Weiland, her husband, and their three “super sweet kidlets” are shown striking a variety of playful poses. In some, they wear matching outfits; in others, they act out comical scenes.

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