Mom Creates Fun Scenes Around Her Napping Twins, Whatever Position They Fall Asleep In

When a child finally falls asleep for an afternoon nap, many new parents might jump at the chance to catch up on emails, clean the house, or, most importantly, have a few quiet moments to themselves. Mother-of-two Ayumi Omori, however, uses this time to hone her creative eye and take playful photographs of her slumbering kids. As her children sleep side-by-side, Omori transforms them into colorful characters and transports them to imaginative scenes.

Using props such as vacuum cleaners, throw blankets, stuffed animals, and even Amazon boxes, Omori turns her two-year-old twins, Ichika and Taichi, into pop culture icons. Movies, television, and current events become her muse as Ichika and Taichi morph into characters from Ghostbusters, Lilo and Stitch, and Jaws; Olympic athletes; musical DJs; and even vivid details in a Google Doodle. The twins look adorable in each pose, and somehow stay asleep through it all!

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Omori reveals that nap time for her children is observation and creative time for her, as she pays close attention to their “sleeping poses” and creates scenes around them. You can view more of Omori's creative pics of her children on Instagram.

Ayumi Omori: Instagram
via [Huffington Post]

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