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Banksy Fans Interact with His Clever NYC Street Art

While the ever-elusive street artist Banksy continues to put up his clever works all over New York, his fans have been flocking to them, snapping pictures of the priceless pieces before they're gone (or defaced). Some have even put their own creative spin on them, interacting with the works in sweet and silly ways. A dancer in a sexy nurse's uniform was recently caught blowing a kiss to the man waiting in vain, while in another, a man hilariously put his head between a sledgehammer and a boy.Of course, the pug peeing on Banksy's 9/11 tribute piece will probably go down as as the most memorable of all.

Top photo credit: Chris Streger

Photo credit: Dabby Chulo

via: Melrose and Fairfax

via: Melrose and Fairfax

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