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Logos of the World’s Biggest Brands Redesigned in the Bauhaus Style

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Android by by SSUK

Exactly 100 years ago, Bauhaus was born. Characterized by a modern and multidisciplinary approach to aesthetics, this school-turned-movement remains an important influence on contemporary art. To celebrate Bauhaus’ birthday, creative platform 99designs has put together a project that reimagines iconic logos in the movement’s iconic style.

For 100 years of Bauhaus, 99designs invited its international community of creatives to put a Bauhaus spin on some of the world’s most recognizable designs. Tech giants, fast food kings, and major news outlets are just some of the brands featured in this series, which harnesses the bold blocks of color, geometric forms, and minimalist silhouettes characteristic of the movement.

Why did 99designs pick logos as the focal point of this project? In addition to offering a perfect platform for playing with typography—a genre that was turned on its head by Bauhaus designers—logos reflect the movement’s radical relationship with mass production.

“When the Bauhaus movement began, it was at a time when the world was on the brink of massive technological change,” explains Patrick Llewellyn, the CEO of 99designs. “While many artists were worried that mainstream adoption of electricity and mass production would be the end of art as we knew it, the Bauhaus group were instead inspired by the change and progress they saw happening around them.” 

This approach, Llewellyn asserts, is still relevant today—and has the power to connect contemporary artists all over the world. “It’s inspiring,” he says, “to see how technology can bring together a global community of creative talent and demonstrate how the timeless principles of Bauhaus design still resonate today.” 

Take a trip through time with these brilliant Bauhaus logos.

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Starbucks by dellfi

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Google by artopelago

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Netflix by ArsDesigns

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

WhatsApp by Hawnit_Studio

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

BBC by Luciy

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

WWF by rossiemoss

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Adidas by Jaseng99

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Ferrari by Asaad

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Haribo by SenseDesign

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Burger King by by BlackLogo

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

Domino’s by ArsDesigns

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

LEGO by SenseDesign

Bauhaus Logos Bauhaus Style

99designs by Natalia Maca

99designs: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by 99designs.

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