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Urban Treehouses in Berlin Equipped with Kitchen and Bath for Long-Term Living

Located in Berlin, this project known as Urban Treehouse showcases a modern design that has the possibility for long-term living. Baumraum is a firm known for this type of elevated architecture, and they created the treehouses as an experimental research project. They’re set within a community of residential buildings with larger properties and gardens – much different than a rural area surrounded by nature. The design intends to add to the city’s collection of small alternative constructions, all while preserving the nearly 7,000 square-foot tree population around it.

Urban Treehouse consists of two near-identical cubic units that each have 226 square feet of living space, including a kitchen and bathroom. Both hover on a 13 foot-high base and have a lower terrace that’s 8.5 feet from the ground. For one of the treehouses, the flight of stairs is supported by flexible suspensions from a nearby oak.

The structures cleverly conceal their utilities, supply circuit, and storage space in the bases. Their overall load-bearing design, supports, and frames are made of galvanized steel sections with solid prefabricated five-layer spruce panels used in the walls, ceiling, and floor. The brightly-lit, warm-wood interiors are offset by exterior aluminum composite panels. This juxtaposition creates a clean, modern feel, that makes them more than just a weekend getaway.

Photography by Laura Fiorio

baumraum website
via [designboom and ArchDaily]

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