Beautifully Surreal Photo Manipulations

Digital artist Sarolta Bn is a self-taught photo manipulator with a knack for surreal imagery that piques one's interest. The artist, who is based in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes her skills in image editing to combine multiple ordinary objects or ideas to create something entirely unusual and, therefore, fascinating.

Bn's playfulness with size modifications is especially apparent in her work. Human being stands like short stumps next to a towering object that, in real-life, could be held in one's hand. Bn constantly reworks the theme of “size” and makes each piece stand out in its own way, without it feeling repetitive or boring. The same can be said for her work's inclusion of nature, specifically trees. Branches sprout out of light bulbs and chairs as though the world we're living has been turned upside down. Trees are even given human characteristics.

When you peer through Bn's portfolio, you can see many objects and animals imitating humans. Ironically, in one instance, a bear is clutching a teddy bear and in another a flock of birds are watching television. Another aspect of the artist's work that I love is the seamless interweaving of the natural (trees, rocks, dirt) and man-made (telephone, camera, technology). The number of interesting images that this young artist has managed to form is nearly endless. Be sure to check out more of Bn's work at her website.

Sarolta Bn's website and Flickr

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