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Behind-The-Scenes Images Reveal the Secret Life of Photography Assistants

It can take a village to craft a photoshoot. Photographers often get all the glory, but their tireless, camera-less assistants also play an integral part in making the magic happen. They’re seen holding giant reflective sheets, primping their subjects, or in some cases, going to extreme heights—all in the hopes of getting that perfect shot.

Wedding photography is known for its glamorous portraits of couples in love. The enchanting images look effortlessly composed as newlyweds lay in a field or kiss under an umbrella during a gentle rain shower. In reality, however, there’s a lot of work in getting these photos to look just right. One assistant acts as a “ladder” for a photographer to perch on their shoulders. Meanwhile, another aide pours a cup of water onto an umbrella to simulate rainfall—all while staying out of the frame.

We Share, a Thailand-based Facebook page, recently featured a selection of photographs that showcase the secret life of these photography assistants. Check out the impressive logistical ingenuity, below.

We Share: Facebook
via [Bokeh]

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