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25+ of the Most Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Instagram has helped shape the way that creatives express themselves and share their work—particularly when it comes to photographers. First created as a photography app, the social platform allows both professionals and enthusiasts a way to share their unique view of the world. And throughout the years, it’s turned former amateur photographers into full-blown pros with millions of followers admiring their work.

No matter what stage we are in our career, we can all use some visual inspiration every once and awhile. To inspire you as you take your own pictures (or engage in other types of art), here are some of the best Instagram photographers around. They are divided into categories—travel, color, animals, landscape, and lifestyle—so if you’re searching for a particular style, check out the accounts associated with that aesthetic or approach.

Many of these accounts are personal, but some of the photographers featured here do use Instagram to grow their business. Want to do the same? Check out our 10 easy tips on how to grow your creative career using Instagram.

Check out some of the top Instagram photographers below!


Emilie Ristevski


Chris Burkard

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Lauren Bath


The Blonde Abroad


Quin Schrock

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Sarah Ann Loreth


Color Lovers

Maria Svarbova


Ty Newcomb

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Nicholas Scarpinato


Ramin Nasibov

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Daniel Rueda

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Yener Torun

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