Best of 2018: Top 17 Food Art Creations of the Year

More Amazing Food Art from 2018


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Geometric Pie Crust Designs by Lauren Ko

Seattle-based baker Lauren Ko creates visually striking pies that feature spectacular geometric crust designs. From complex lattices to patterns made of colorful fruit, each edible work of art combines Ko’s mathematical precision with her artistic flair for baking.

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Best Food Art 2018

Origami-Inspired Cake Art by Dinara Kasko

Pastry chef extraordinaire Dinara Kasko combines her knowledge in mathematics with her skills in baking to create cakes that look like contemporary sculptures. Her latest collection inspired by origami was created by developing concertina-style, 3D-printed mold designs engineered using algorithmic tools. “I spent a great amount of time folding sheets of paper and learning methods and principles of origami,” she reveals on Instagram. “[I’m] inspired by the beauty of lines and patterns of folds.”

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Best Food Art 2018

Food Illusions by Ben Churchill

Food illusionist Ben Churchill’s desserts might not look edible, but they’re actually delicious! His pannacotta, sponge cakes, and jellies mimic inanimate objects such as a washing up sponge and even an ashtray full of cigarettes. Those who are brave enough to take a bite will discover surprising sweet treats loaded with experimental flavors.

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Edible Chocolate Antiques by Amaury Guichon

From life-sized antique clocks to an edible gramophone, international pastry chef Amaury Guichon can make almost anything out of chocolate. Each incredible sculpture is crafted by hand from the malleable sweet material.


Characters as Pancakes by Dancakes

Dancakes is a creative cookery studio of talented pancake artists. They create portraits of popular characters by quickly “painting” with colored pancake batter onto a hot griddle. Once cooked, the creative pancake designs are then flipped to reveal the impressive edible creation.


Painted Cookies by Sweet Poppy Cookies

Sweet Poppy Cookie’s creations are no ordinary sweet treats. This masterful baker uses cookies as her canvas to create tiny, edible works of art. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted with delicate layers of edible inks, resulting in cookies that look just like paintings.



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Mirror Glaze Cakes by Ksenia Penkina

Culinary artist Ksenia Penkina crafts mesmerizing mirror-glazed mousse cakes featuring generous amounts of glossy glaze. The gelatin-based coating is drizzled onto the spongy forms using a pouring technique, resulting in marbled, multi-colored patterns.

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Buttercream Flowers by Atelier Soo

Seoul-based cake artist Atelier Soo tops her desserts with beautiful bouquets of realistic buttercream flowers. Each edible rose, dahlia, and carnation is expertly formed by building piped layers of velvet-like petals.

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Best Food Art 2018

Modular Staircase-Shaped Chocolate by Universal Favourite

Australian design studio Universal Favourite teamed up with Bakedown Cakery to create modular staircase-shaped chocolate in a variety of contemporary colors and eye-catching patterns. Each piece has its own unique flavor according to its look, including watermelon blackcurrant, pistachio, cherry, cookies and cream, lemon, and matcha.


Best Food Art 2018

Foodscapes by Carl Warner

Artist Carl Warner uses everyday ingredients to create edible landscapes that he aptly calls Foodscapes. Each imaginative scene is meticulously set up in his studio before the artist snaps a photo of his edible worlds. Baguettes are seen as mountains, broccoli as trees, and colorful vegetables as a patchwork of fields.

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