Adorable Multi-Species Family Includes 4 Dogs, 2 Ducklings, 1 Cat, and 2 Lucky Humans

Life is never boring at the Boggs household in Missouri. Kasey and her husband, Blake, have been rescuing animals for over a decade. Their current family consists of four dogs, a cat, and two ducklings—all of whom are practically inseparable from one another. They go on hikes and camping adventures every weekend, and love to have their family photos taken (you can follow them on Instagram). The Boggs tell BarkPost that they never set out to adopt all of these animals. Instead, each one came to their home at individual times—just when they were most needed and the Boggs were there to help. Each animal has its own story that will remind you that good hearts still exist and can triumph over abuse and neglect.

The first addition to the Boggs family was Roxy, a Toy Fox Terrier who was born without a hip joint—a common deformity among puppy mill babies. Kasey nourished Roxy back to health and succeeded in shutting down the pet store where Roxy had been for selling unhealthy animals. Now, Roxy is a certified therapy dog! Next, Boggs rescued two pit bulls, Jake—a victim of human abandonment—and Rosie, who came from a high-crime dog-fighting neighborhood with an injured leg. Kasey tells BarkPost that she used to be afraid of pit bulls, but she fell in love with Roxy and Jake from Day One. Then, there's Edith—a Rat Terrier Italian Greyhound mix—who despite a terrible beginning and three barely evaded run-ins with death, can now, according to Kasey, “lap our five-acre property in a matter of twenty seconds.”

Despite being the only feline of the bunch, Mia the cat manages to find a comfortable place to cuddle alongside her beloved pit bull siblings. She doesn't have a tail, but that doesn't stop her from taking long hikes with her humans and fellow animal friends. Last but not least are the two ducklings, Gertrude and Donald. At first the other animals weren't so keen on the new avian residents, but pit bull Jake took an immediate liking to them and welcomed them to the family with licks and kisses.

In the future, the Boggs say they would love to welcome their home to more rescue animals. But in the meantime, they have a new human family member to celebrate for the new year!

Boggs Family: Instagram
via [Bark Post, Bored Panda]

All images via @88kncorbett.

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