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Breathtaking Aqua Lagoons Amid Brazil Sand Dunes

What a surreal sight! If you ever travel to Brazil make sure to visit Lenis Maranhenses National Park, especially between the months of January and May. The rainy season, it’s during that time that Brazil’s white sand dunes, which are spread across 570-square-miles, transform into an amazing natural phenomenon. Fresh water collects in the valleys between the sand dunes, creating thousands of aqua-colored lagoons. Interestingly, you’ll also find a fair amount of fish in those waters! It’s said that fish eggs are carried to the lagoons on the legs and feathers of birds.

About 60,000 people visit the incredible destination each year. To protect it, most vehicles are not permitted access into the national park. It can only be visited with a guide or as part of an excursion. So plan ahead!

Photo credit: Divulgao / Embratur

Photo via: Travelx

Photo credit: George Steinmetz

Photo via: BBC

Photo credit: George Steinmetz

Photo via: Travelx

Lenis Maranhenses National Park website

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