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People Are Creating Their Own Wickedly Funny Brexit Stamps

As Britain marches closer to Brexit, a new controversy has opened up about whether or not to honor the event with a commemorative stamp. The campaign, launched by UK tabloid The Sun, gained the backing of a few politicians, but was shot down by the Royal Mail, which released a statement saying Brexit “wasn’t an important event worth recognizing.”

David Gold, the Royal Mail’s director of public affairs and policy, told The Daily Mail that the organization tries to stay out of political matters and practices a “strict political neutrality due to the important role we play in the electoral process including referendums.” But, as some point out, the Royal Mail did issue commemorative stamps when Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973.

commemorative stamps

Commemorative Stamps issued by Royal Mail in 1973 (Photo: Albany Stamps

As far as Brexit goes, while it won’t be getting an official stamp—unless something changes before March 2019—the public has taken matters into their own hands. #BrexitStamps is now going around on Twitter, with people posting their humorous takes on how the historic event should be remembered, and somehow we have a feeling they aren’t how supporters thought they’d turn out.

h/t: [Kottke]

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