Adorable Photos of Puppies Shaking by Carli Davidson

We're excited to share with you some great news! Photographer Carli Davidson, known for her Shake series, is back, but this time she's featuring young puppies! The Oregon-based photographer is a pro at capturing adorable photos of dogs as they shake off water. We're talking in full slow motion – fur flying, chins flapping and eyes crossed! This new series was inspired by her friend's second grade class. Carli showed her Shake photos to the young children and then asked them what they wanted to see. Their response? Puppies and colors!

Of course, Carli had a lot of fun taking on this new project. “I was also drawn to the idea of surrounding myself with puppies,” she states. “It was almost medicinal–spending the day overdosing on cuteness. I love making books that focus on animals. I love knowing that these pictures can make people smile. While I feel a strong ethical responsibility to keep up with current events, these feel good creative projects to keep me from feeling hardened. They are mini escapes from the important but harsh realities we have in our faces 24/7.”

Watch as these little puppies shake their heads from side to side. Shot both in her home studio and on location in people's homes, the photos are all of dogs that are one-year-old or younger. Carli worked with rescue shelters and pet owners as much as possible. “I also worked closely with my production assistant who happens to run an animal rescue and who helped make sure that any breeders we worked with were philosophically in line with both of us,” she said. “This meant that instead of just finding breeders in Portland, Oregon we sometimes had to pack up and drive down to California so we could feel good about the shoot!”

In total about 100 puppies were shot for the book but only sixty-one were used for the book. The first two shots in this post are of Josie, a 12-week-old Boxer. See below for more images from the book. Starting today, you can order the book Shake Puppies on Amazon. If you need more cuteness in your life, make sure to check out the video below.

Annie/7 weeks/Cavilear King Charles Spaniel

Cloud/8 Weeks/Shar Pei

Hans/12 weeks, Boxer Pit Mix

Koda/20 weeks/Pomeranian

Meatball/10 weeks/Pit Bull

Vincent/8 weeks/Dauchund

Carli Davidson's website

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