Dramatic Time-Lapse Video Reveals the Tiny Terrifying Worlds of Carnivorous Plants

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Carnivorous plants have captured the imagination of many thanks to depictions in popular culture. But you might not know much about them beyond what's seen in Little Shop of Horrors. French video artist Thomas Blanchard is shedding some light on this unique type of plant through timelapse macro photography. His latest project titled The Green Reapers features carnivorous plants in action and the lifecycle of butterflies, all captured in incredible microscopic detail.

Shot in 8K resolution over the span of four months, Blanchard began with the lengthiest part of his project—timelapses of the carnivorous plants. He set his camera up to take one shot every seven minutes over the course of three months. Afterward, Blanchard filmed the most difficult stage of the project: catching sight of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis (the transitional stage before it becomes an adult). He waited the whole night to ensure he wouldn't miss the process as it happened so fast.

The result is an exquisite look at a tiny world that vibrates with life. While only three minutes long, the piece is full of drama (thanks, in part, to the music); venus flytraps open and close their mouths while a snail slides along a leaf and ultimately meets its fate when coming in contact with one of the plants.

Known for magnifying the unseen evolutions of the natural world, Blanchard has had his work exhibited internationally showcasing his stunning compilations on flowers. swirling liquids, and the seasons. You can find more of his previous videos on Vimeo and Instagram.

French video artist Thomas Blanchard has created a short timelapse video featuring carnivorous plants and the lives of other insects.

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Green Reaper Film

Time-lapse of Carnivorous Plant

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Macro Photography by Thomas Blanchard

Watch the exquisite tiny world in the video below.

Thomas Blanchard: Website | Facebook | Instagram| Vimeo
h/t: [Colossal]

All images via Thomas Blanchard.

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