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Striking Orange Staircase Visible from Outside of Modern Home

When you first glance at the Casa Blanca home in Lima, Peru, one thing immediately stands out. It has a striking orange staircase! Architect Martin Dulanto Sangalli designed this gorgeous, modern home with the bold structural feature visible from the outside.

The house has three levels – a basement, first floor, and terrace – with the spiral staircase connecting them all. Its bright hue has a smooth finish, and it effortlessly flows between the different stories. Decor-wise, the staircase’s color is used as an accent that’s echoed throughout Casa Blanca. Furniture, finishings, and walls are mostly neutral but have bits of the orange sprinkled throughout. Though it might seem unconventional to match the interior decoration to steps, it really pays off and creates a stunning look.

Photography by Juan Solano

Martin Dulanto Sangalli website
via [Contemporist]

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