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Learn How to Draw Your Favorite Feline Purrfectly in Two Different Ways

Now draw a cat in a stylized way.

Drawing cat in a flattened, stylized form is a similar process to a realistic drawing. Even if you’re planning on exaggerating part (or parts) of the feline’s body, you’ll still want to start simple. Break the image down to basic shapes—like a circle for the head and triangles for the ears.

Cute Cat Drawing

At this point, you’ll want to determine how to stylize the cat. Will you elongate its neck? Make large eyes? Will you imagine the creature as a Cubist painting? Once you decide on just how you want to depict the cat, start to refine your drawing based on how you will stylize it.

Cute Cat DrawingCute Cat Drawing

A common way to cartoonishly sketch a cat is to add just a few lines to imply fur. Any patterning on the body would be interpreted as shapes that are filled in with your pen or pencil.

Cute Cat Drawing

Artist: Kamwei Fong

Drawing a stylized feline leaves much of the decision-making up to you. While many might avoid fur, other artists include it in their drawing to great effect. One of our favorite examples is artist Kamwei Fong, who uses short marks of his pen to create impossibly fluffy cats.

Cute Cat Drawing

Artist: Endre Penovc

Another artist named Endre Penovc also uses ink in his cat art. But instead of making countless lines, he lets his medium travel across the page. The results showcase a carefree fluidity with diffused edges—perfect for symbolizing fluffy fur.



The best way to perfect how to draw a cat is to practice. It takes a lot of observational sketching to learn how to translate what you’re seeing on paper. So, don’t get discouraged if your cat doesn’t look how you want it. Erase your mistakes or start over again—you are sure to do better next time.


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