Ancient Art

June 6, 2021

9 Facts About the Pantheon, the Iconic Roman Church That Barely Survived the Dark Ages

The city of Rome is full of ancient buildings and modern churches—including some sites that are both. Among the most magnificent historical houses of worship is the Pantheon. Built by the Romans likely as a temple or political space, the domed structure continues to fascinate engineers for its gravity-defying signature dome. The Pantheon is also a significant historical landmark that draws lines of continuity from polytheistic Rome through the Dark Ages to Renaissance opulence.

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April 9, 2021

Drought Reveals “Spanish Stonehenge” That Had Been Hiding In a Reservoir For Over 50 Years

Megaliths are large stones used by prehistoric peoples to build monuments or structures. Perhaps the most famous example of a megalithic structure is Stonehenge in England. However, ancient (and often mysterious) stone structures can be found across Europe. In 2019, an unusually dry summer caused the waters of the Valdecañas Reservoir to recede, revealing a monument that has come to be referred to as the “Spanish Stonehenge.

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March 2, 2021

1,900-Year-Old Ceremonial Chariot Has Been Discovered Near Pompeii

In the year 79 CE, volcanic ash and lava from Mount Vesuvius rained down over the Ancient Roman town of Pompeii in Italy. Today, the site is known for its unique (though traffic) preservation of a moment in ancient everyday life. Due to the coating of volcanic material, many organic materials have survived through the imprints they left behind. These include loaves of bread, animals, and even ancient humans attempting to flee the town.

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