August 1, 2020

Artist Creates Detailed Line Drawings Without Ever Lifting His Pen From Paper

If you’ve ever tried doodling without lifting your pen from the paper, you know how fun it can be to create abstract illustrations made up of lines and squiggles. Specializing in exactly that, American artist Tyler Foust creates abstract, continuous line drawings full of mesmerizing patterns. From wavy lines that seem to vibrate on the page to abstract animal illustrations, Foust renders a whole range of motifs in a single stroke.

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July 22, 2020

Illustrator Uses Art to Give a Voice to the Black Lives Matter Movement [Interview]

Illustrator Nikkolas Smith is always creating. Whether he’s working on children’s books, creating movie posters, or teaching workshops in schools and universities, Smith pushes his creativity to the limits. Personally, he’s also highly involved in what he’s termed “artivism.” Using his art as his voice, Smith often publishes work that highlights racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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July 7, 2020

People Around the World Ask This Artist to Reimagine Them as Cartoons

Have you ever commissioned a caricature artist for a hilarious (if also uncannily accurate) portrait of yourself? Illustrator Robert Dejesus merges the quirky energy of traditional caricatures with his own expressive anime-like style. People from around the world commission him to transform their photographs into whimsical cartoon characters that pop off the page.

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