November 15, 2019

Artist Draws Monsters Bursting Out of Phones of People Staring at Their Screens

Cellphone use is a staple of modern living; but, around the world, it’s becoming all too apparent that people are consumed by their mobile devices, even while taking a stroll outside. Some cities in China and Europe have designed “texter sidewalks” just to clear pedestrian traffic jams. If you’re not in one of those uniquely designed spaces, though, seeing groups of people with their heads down is an all-too-familiar sight.

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October 24, 2019

Majestic Creatures Drawn in Colorful Zentangle Patterns Pop Off the Page

Inspired by the meditative method of zentangle art, 18-year-old Maldives-based artist Mahi Abdul draws pattern-adorned animals and fantasy creatures that look like they could come to life at any second. From a dragon-like chameleon with decorative scales to a majestic phoenix with vibrant plumage, it’s hard to believe each incredibly detailed piece is drawn entirely by hand. “Zentangling has taught me so much about myself,” reveals Abdul.

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October 14, 2019

Striking Pen and Ink Drawings Illustrate the Human Connection to Nature

Do you know your spirit animal? Italian artist Alfred Basha draws majestic beasts merged with parts of human anatomy, illustrating our innate connection to nature. Rendered using a fine liner in black ink, each intricate pen drawing not only showcases the self-taught artist’s talent, but his exceptional imagination. Basha’s surreal depictions of nature include animal silhouettes filled with forest scenes and beastly figures shaped with winding branches.

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