April 20, 2019

Funny Little Matchboxes Feature Illustrations of Cats in Bars Who’ve Had One Too Many

Most would agree that alcohol and silly scenarios go hand in hand. Whether those nights were the best of times or times you’d rather forget, we’ve all been there. Denver-based artist Arna Miller and her husband Ravi Zupa celebrate those relatable late-night hours in their charming series of matchbox art. However, rather than illustrate the embarrassing moments of inebriated humans, the duo chose anthropomorphic felines as their subjects.

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April 16, 2019

Minimalist Illustrations Celebrate the Beauty of Oscar Niemeyer’s Modern Architecture

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator Levente Szabó is known for his crisp, clean style that has attracted clients like Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin Books. Recently, he completed a personal project exploring the modernist architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. The resulting illustrations are a brilliant marriage between Szabó’s minimalist style and the abstract curves of Niemeyer’s buildings.

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April 10, 2019

27 Retro Illustrations Say “Hello” to What the EU Will Look Like After Brexit

With the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union on the horizon, British illustrators and designers Stanley Chow and Dave Sedgwick came together to pay tribute to the remaining members of the EU. The result is Hello Europe, a set of 27 beautifully illustrated prints that capture the spirit of each country. This love letter from the two pro-Europe Brits is their way to collaborate on a project they feel passionate about.

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March 17, 2019

Paper Illustrations and GIFs Artistically Visualize the Body and Mind

New Zealand and Estonia-based illustrator Eiko Ojala boasts a broad portfolio of work that often supplements serious articles about the body and mind. Consisting of bright colors and defined silhouettes, his works visualize powerful messages as artfully rendered layers of colorful paper, but there’s one catch—each image is actually created digitally. Ojala’s textured 3D compositions will make you want to reach out and touch them.

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