March 23, 2018

Artist Uses Real Flower Petals to Create Blossoming Fashion Illustrations

Singapore-based artist Grace Ciao creates fashion illustrations that combine hand-drawn lines and watercolor brushstrokes with real, three-dimensional flowers. Each delicate petal mimics soft fabric, resulting is pretty dress designs informed by the plant’s natural structure. Ciao explains, “I never know what outfits my flowers are going to blossom into until the last petal fits into place!” Ciao started using flowers by accident, when she noticed a wilting rose on her desk.

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March 2, 2018

Artist Travels Across Britain to Create Detailed Pen Drawings of All 69 UK Cities

London-based self-taught artist Carl Lavia aka “Sketch” creates large-scale, architectural pen drawings of cityscapes from an aerial viewpoint. For his most recent, ongoing series, the talented artist has teamed up with photographer Lorna Le Bredonchel. Together, known as Sketch in the City, the pair formed the ambitious 69 cities of the UK project—an epic road trip across Britain, where they plan to create large-scale sketches of all 69 cities in the UK.

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February 26, 2018

Japanese Illustrator Creates Beautiful Handbook of the Birds You’ll Find in Tokyo

Commissioned by Tokyo Midtown—an art and design-focused urban district in the heart of Japan’s capital city—illustrator Ryo Takemasa created an illustrated “handbook” of Tokyo’s most common Japanese birds. Made in collaboration with graphic design studio Tawarasha, the pamphlet features 25 different bird species rendered in Takemasa’s distinct minimalist style. From the common pigeon to the majestic great egret, each bird is beautifully illustrated with simple, graphic shapes and muted colors.

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