July 4, 2019

Interview: How an Illustrator Uses “Uncertainty” to Construct His Own Fantastical Worlds

Illustrator Jon Juarez is driven by ideas. His fantastical illustrations of locales, which sometimes appear familiar and other times foreign, come from thoughts that were once only in his head. Through years of practice and honing his craft, he has learned to express his creative visions, and they now take the form of elaborate compositions that boast meticulous details.

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June 27, 2019

Growing Database of “Women Who Draw” Spotlights 5,000+ Female Illustrators

For centuries, female artists have been underrepresented and overlooked. Fortunately, however, an increasing number of contemporary institutions are making efforts to call attention to creative women—especially through online platforms. In the past few years, female-centric databases have popped up on the web, spotlighting present-day photographers, past painters, and, now, “Women Who Draw.” Women Who Draw is an open directory featuring 5,000 professional illustrators, artists, and cartoonists.

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May 13, 2019

Illustrator Reimagines Avengers Endgame Characters as Ukiyo-e Japanese Warriors

Japanese illustrator Takumi blends popular culture with the ancient Ukiyo-e art form in his latest series of superhero illustrations. To celebrate the recent Avengers: Endgame film release, the talented fantasy fan rendered each famous character in the style of authentic Japanese woodblock illustrations. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and the rest of the cast have been thoughtfully reimagined as if they’re fierce Japanese warriors.

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