May 22, 2024

15 Awe-Inspiring Images of Our Galaxy from the 2024 Milky Way Photographer of the Year

For the seventh year, travel blog Capture the Atlas has celebrated our galaxy with its Milky Way Photographer of the Year collection. These 25 images of the Milky Way were singled out as exceptional examples of astrophotography and are awe-inspiring looks at the Milky Way. The photographs, taken in 15 different countries—from the United States and Argentina to New Zealand and France—were selected from the more than 5,000 images submitted to this year's competition.

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April 18, 2024

Mesmerizing Image of Black Hole in the Milky Way Shows Spiraling Magnetic Field

Black holes are points in space where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. They are intriguing mysteries to astronomers and science-fiction fans alike. Thanks to the work of an international collaboration, we're one step closer to better understanding exactly how black holes work. And the more we know about them, the more we can unravel about the history of our own little galaxy, the Milky Way.

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March 18, 2024

Dark Energy Camera Captures a Breathtaking 1.3-Gigapixel Photo of the Remains of a Dead Star

The Vela Supernova Remnant tells the story of what happens after a star dies. Described as the cosmic corpse of a gigantic star, it's an expanding nebula made of from the remains from a massive star that exploded about 11,000 years ago. Now, this stellar structure is the subject of a record-breaking photo. The Dark Energy Camera (DECam), which is mounted on the Victor M.

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January 29, 2024

400-Megapixel Photo of the Sun Made From 100,000 Photos

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has outdone himself with his 400-megapixel image of the Sun. Comprised of over 100,000 individual photos, it's McCarthy's highest-resolution photo of this celestial body. It only took McCarthy 30 minutes to capture the individual shots after shooting 80 frames per second.  From there, it was all about processing the frames to put together the 40-panel mosaic that makes up the final shot.

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