September 1, 2021

Tiny Kitten Found Alone in Forest Latches Onto Cyclists and Won’t Let Go

Forests are teeming with all kinds of creatures, but there’s one animal that you would never expect to see there—a kitten. When a woman named Céline and her husband, Daniel, were cycling through the countryside of central Brittany, France, they noticed a tiny kitten all alone, distressed, and hungry. They stopped to make sure she was okay, but little did they know, the stray cat would soon become a part of their family.

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August 19, 2021

Feline-Friendly Furniture Gives Cats a Seat at the Table and Makes Them the Centerpiece

Those that share their home with a feline friend know that cats are curious creatures. They might act aloof, but most house cats want to be near us, even if it’s just to watch what we’re doing. With this in mind, Japanese retailer Dinos released a table designed for both humans and cats to sit together. The all-natural oak table features a perch underneath it, and a hole in the center of the tabletop.

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