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November 21, 2017

Ceramicist Creates Rainbow-Colored Pots and Vases Dripping with Thick Glaze

Philadelphia-based ceramicist Brian Giniewski creates rainbow-colored pots and vases that appear to be dunked in sugary-sweet icing. He first started making his dripping vessels on weekends while teaching art at university level. After six years, Giniewski turned his passion into a full-time career when he opened his business—together with his wife Krista—in May 2016.

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November 15, 2017

Mesmerizing Fountain Uses Lights to Turn Water into Colorful Shape-Shifting Forms

The sound of a babbling brook has a calming effect on many people, and it's something they wish to mimic in their home. One way to do this is a water fountain, and engineer Stephen Co has produced a design that combines this natural tranquility with a mesmerizing light show. Called Aquarius, the flowing water has a shape-shifting appearance that changes colors—all within a sleek design that will fit comfortably in your home.

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November 12, 2017

Unique Maps Illustrate Over a Billion Acres of Forests Across the United States

Cartography experts EarthArtAustralia specializes in creating “ultra-detailed maps of Earth from Space.” And after tackling the roads and rivers of the United States, they've just released a stunning map of the country using its forests. Over a billion acres of trees and forests, pulled together with imagery from the Landsat satellite, come together to present an interesting view of America.

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November 9, 2017

15+ Kids’ Gifts That Playfully Promote Creativity

For a child, few things are more exciting than unwrapping a shiny new toy on Christmas morning. While tried-and-true playthings like baby dolls and toy trucks are sure to satisfy, why not experiment with some more imaginative gifts this year? In this selection of creative gifts for kids, you're sure to find the perfect present for your favorite little ones.

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