September 13, 2019

Interview: My Modern Met Staff Writer Discusses Her New Book, ‘Embroidered Life’

If you’re a fan of modern embroidery, you’re probably familiar with the work of self-taught expert Sarah K. Benning. Since 2013, the contemporary crafter has breathed new life into the ancient art form with her stitched studies of plants, interiors, and other quaint still-life scenes. Six years later, and Benning has amassed a loyal following of artists—including My Modern Met’s own Sara Barnes.

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August 19, 2019

Embroidered Anatomy Brooches Celebrate the Beauty of Human Life

Skulls, lungs, and human hearts might not be the prettiest of subjects, but Japanese textile artist Hiné Mizushima turns human organs into delightful embroidery designs for her series of wearable brooches. Her Kogin Embroidered Anatomy Brooches were part of a themed exhibition in Boris Zakkaten gallery in Tokyo earlier this year, displayed together with a collection of body-inspired textile pieces from other artists.

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June 5, 2019

Embroidery Artist Uses Beads to Craft Images of Nature That Shimmer in the Light

Canadian artist Janelle (aka HuberInk) creates beautiful bead embroidery designs inspired by nature. From the sun and clouds to insects and foliage, she finds inspiration all around her, translating elements of the natural environment into decorative textile art. She tells My Modern Met, “Many times, I’ll see a flower, plant, or even moths and get inspired to try to recreate it with embroidery.

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January 26, 2019

Embroidered and Embellished Coral Sculptures Creatively Promote Ocean Conservation

French artist Aude Bourgine crafts coral sculptures with a textile twist. Immersed in whimsical embellishments, each creation in her Poumons des océans (“Lungs of the Oceans“) series reimagines marine invertebrates as multimedia masterpieces. While this sculpture collection captures the dreamy beauty of the ocean, it also highlights its increasing fragility—a reality at the heart of Bourgine’s practice. On the surface, Poumons des océans appears to be a purely playful interpretation of a reef ecosystem.

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