Endangered Animals

June 2, 2021

Giant Tortoise Believed to be Extinct For 112 Years Found on Galápagos Island

Despite its huge size, a giant tortoise on the Galápagos Islands somehow remained out of sight for 112 years. The tortoise of the Chelonoidis phantasticus species was believed to be extinct, until a single female was found on Fernandina Island—the third-largest island of the Galápagos Islands—in Ecuador on July 10, 2019. On the 13 Galapagos Islands, many varieties of tortoises thrive among the other animals, flora, and fauna.

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December 11, 2020

Giraffes Left Stranded by Flooding in Kenya Are Dramatically Rescued by a Special Barge

A giraffe on a boat sounds like the beginning to a silly joke, but for conservationists in Kenya it was the only answer to a pressing problem. The rising water levels from recent intense rain along Lake Baringo in western Kenya had stranded several endangered Rothschild's (Nubian) giraffes, as their peninsula home became an island with limited food and crocodiles among the shallows. To rescue the stranded giraffes, U.S.

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