April 13, 2018

Vinyl Record-Inspired Bathroom Sinks Will Have You Dancing While Brushing Your Teeth

Music lovers with an affinity for the vintage vinyl sound are going to love the new turntable-inspired Vinyl collection by Olympia Ceramica. Designed by the brand’s artistic director Gianluca Paludi, the new line of bathroom sinks are modeled on a mix between ‘70s record player consoles and DJ setups. Although the concept might sound like a novel take on vintage design, the collection’s aesthetic is modern and elegant.

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March 7, 2018

Pop-Up Bed Tent Easily Offers Privacy for Anyone With Anxiety

Dedicated to giving you a better night’s sleep, American company Privacy Pop has invented an ingenious insomnia solution: the Bed Tent, a pop-up shelter that instantly transforms any bed into a “private oasis.” Composed of water-resistant polyester and propped up by metal poles, the clever creation is aesthetically and structurally similar to a traditional tent.

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November 26, 2017

Korean Designers Develop Modern Furniture with Color-Changing Surfaces

South Korea-based design studio Orijeen released their latest collection—Color Flow—featuring two eye-popping, color-changing cabinets. Both pieces are covered in a lenticular surface which—depending on the position of the viewer, and how the light hits the surface—makes the curvy cabinets appear as if they can magically change color.

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