November 19, 2017

7 Iconic Chairs That Have Shaped Modern Furniture (Including the Seat You’re in Right Now)

In the 20th century, modernism dominated aesthetic interests. In addition to fine art and everyday architecture, the modernist movement also transformed interior design, with furniture at the forefront. While most home furnishings received modern makeovers, it was the humble chair that had the most avant-garde transformation. From the 1920s through the 1960s, a selection of the world's top designers and architects turned their attention toward seating.

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October 24, 2017

Optical Illusion Rugs Make It Look Like There Are Bottomless Holes in Your Home

Watch out—if you aren’t careful, you might fall through this giant hole in the floor! Well, not quite, but the optical illusion rugs of designer Scott Jarvie will make you think so. Calling the project Void Rug, the unconventional decor is relatively simple in design—consisting of just two colors—yet very visually effective. They're convincing enough to make you think there’s a bottomless crater in the middle of your home.

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September 27, 2017

Designer Creates Rising Furniture Inspired by Transformations in Nature

When you hear the words “flat pack furniture” you might automatically think of IKEA furniture, but Dutch contemporary designer Robert van Embricqs has created a collection of furnishings—known as Rising Furniture—that will make you think again. To create his innovative designs, Embricqs asked himself, “To what degree is the object you're creating capable of dictating its own design?” Exploring this premise to the fullest, he sought inspiration in nature, observing the intricate transformations found in the natural world around him.

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September 18, 2017

Interview: People Are “Hacking” IKEA Products into One-Of-A-Kind Decor

IKEA furniture is sometimes criticized for being plain looking, or that it’s so inexpensive that everyone has the same thing. (Have you ever owned one of their BILLY bookcases?) But, its affordability does more good than just keep your wallet happy. IKEA (perhaps unintentionally) offers a blank slate and starting point for DIY projects. IKEA hacks, as they’re known, transform ordinary bookshelves, lighting, tables, and more into one-of-a-kind pieces that express your personality.

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