November 14, 2017

Amazon Launches Affordable Furniture Collection with Stylish Small Spaces in Mind

If you reside in a dense metropolis, chances are that your living space is limited. Small square footages are one of the tradeoffs for being among hustle and bustle, but it doesn’t mean you have feel cramped while in your home. Through clever industrial design, furniture for tiny spaces can mitigate potential issues like too little storage or the need for extra sleeping space.

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October 23, 2017

Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats

Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new line of IKEA pet furniture proves that furniture design for our fluffy friends is a growing trend. The newest pet-friendly designs to catch our eye is this super-chic collection by Japan’s Okawa Kagu.

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September 27, 2017

“Living” Chandelier Made with Algae-Filled Leaves Naturally Purifies the Air

Design engineer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri—who first gained attention by creating the first synthetic biological leaf—recently came up with an ingenious lighting design that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. His “living” chandelier Exhale, purifies air while lighting up your room and was on display at the V&A Museum during the London Design Festival. The green lighting piece is composed of 70 glass leaves filled with green algae, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

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September 5, 2017

Multifunctional Bed Designed as the Ultimate Adult Playground You’ll Never Want to Leave

We've all heard of a bed so comfortable you never want to leave, but what about a bed that's super functional? We've found the ultimate bed, one that not only looks cool, but is packed with ingenious design features to ensure you'll never want to leave. Sold across a wide variety of Asian retailers, this modular bed is fully customizable and has endless amounts of storage. Want to charge your gadgets while you sleep? No problem.

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