Graphic Design

January 2, 2021

Design Is Not Art: Uncovering the Brilliant Logic Behind Massimo Vignelli’s Famous Designs

The design ideology of Massimo Vignelli often sounds a bit intense. During his almost half-century-long career, he would design the legendary New York City subway map, modernist furniture, iconic kitchenware, logos, books, and so much more. But despite these inherently creative projects, Vignelli would never call himself an artist. He was famously quoted saying, “Design is not art. Design is utilitarian, art is not.

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November 1, 2020

Clever Typography Uses Negative Space To Illustrate the Meaning of the Word It Spells

Netherlands-based graphic designer Sander Flink demonstrates the visual power of language in his striking wordmarks. These designs are a kind of logo that depends on typography rather than an abstract or pictorial mark. The relatively limited selection of letterforms must be used in a way that makes them memorable; Flink has chosen to do this through his clever use of negative space that illustrates the meaning of the word.

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