April 20, 2018

6 of the Best Drawing Inks for Calligraphers, Artists, and Beyond

Ink drawing is one of the oldest forms of art making, and it’s a tradition that keeps even the most casual creatives in good company. The imitable Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance, kept careful sketchbooks with ink; modern drawers still make the most of this material—there’s even Inktober, a global drawing challenge that revolves around pen and ink drawings. If you’re just getting started with ink, it can be daunting to pick what you’ll use.

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March 30, 2018

Artist Covers Entire Walls With Incredible Large Murals of Cities Around the World

Paris-based artist Thomas Dartigues (aka Decktwo) illustrates different cityscapes around the world in his incredible, large-scale mural art. A former street artist, Dartigues ditched the spray can in favor of black markers for his minimalist line drawings. Sketched across large sheets of paper and walls, each sprawling cityscape drawing features some of the world’s most famous landmarks, rendered in incredible detail. To date, Dartigues’ projects have ranged from live drawing events to commissioned commercial projects.

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March 19, 2018

Artist Creates Edgy Illustrations Dissecting Anatomy of Dinosaurs and Other Animals

If you like art with an edge, you'll love Paul Jackson‘s illustrations. The British artist, now based in Canada, is a skilled illustrator whose impressive client list includes Primus, Blink 182, The Pixies, the SyFy channel, and Gibson Guitars. Whether using pen and paper or employing a scratchboard technique, his creativity often combines the anatomy of living and dead animals for an eerie effect.

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