April 20, 2018

15 Architecture-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Any Design Lover Will Want to Wear

Geometric structures, clean lines, ornate details, and raw materials: it’s no surprise that timeless architectural design has sparked the imagination of many contemporary jewelry designers. Inspired by the world built around us, many designers pay homage to architectural pioneers by applying the same precision, balance, functionality, and beauty to their expertly crafted accessories. Whether you’re into classical shapes, Art Deco motifs, or modernist minimalism, we’ve collected a range of architectural jewelry to suit everyone’s aesthetic.

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February 14, 2018

Delightful 3-Piece Rings Turn Into Adorable Animals When Worn At Once

Thailand-based brand Mary Lou is known for its one-of-a-kind series of three-piece animal ring sets. With a focus on “fun, free-spirited, and fashionable” design, the company has created a mesmerizing menagerie of adjustable animal jewelry. This collection contains creatures from all walks of life, including an elegant crane, a cuddly sloth, and a foraging squirrel in search of a snack. Each unique piece of statement jewelry is composed of three rings.

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September 28, 2017

Ever-Changing Turtle Jewelry Encases Dazzling Tiny Worlds in Their Resin Shells

Vancouver-based designers Secret Wood produce enchanting jewelry handcrafted from resin. Known for their exquisite, multifaceted “stone” rings, their creations contain miniature landscapes of faraway places. They’ve now taken that idea—incorporating the same curious worlds—but have placed them on the backs of turtles. Called World Turtle, Secret Wood has fashioned pendants in the shape of the iconic, shelled creature. Its body is made of sterling silver, and it provides a setting for the brilliant resin stone.

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August 28, 2017

30+ Dazzling Works of Resin Art That Capture the Material’s Versatility

Renowned for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic, resin is proving particularly popular among today's top creatives. While the compound—which can be cultivated naturally or synthetically created—has traditionally been used in polishes and varnishes, many contemporary artists and designers are finding new and inventive ways to incorporate the malleable material into their practice. Lustrous like glass but compositionally similar to plastic, resin effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities.

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