June 14, 2018

Artist Transforms the Natural World Into Dreamy Landscapes You’ll Want to Step Into

Hamburg-based artist, traveler, and photographer Robert Jahns blends reality and fantasy with his incredible portfolio of digital art. Known as nois7 on Instagram, his carefully crafted compositions have amassed more than one million fans. Each captivating image is like something from a dream, often featuring familiar landmarks from around the world but presented with a fairytale twist.

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June 3, 2018

Photographer Captures the Mystifying Moods of Mount Fuji at Dawn

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Japanese photographer Takashi Nakazawa—a member of Your Shot, whose beautiful image of Mount Fuji was recently chosen by National Geographic as their June/July 2018 Traveler cover. As it turns out, Takashi has been enchanted by Japan’s tallest peak for several years and often spends his weekends capturing the iconic volcano in all its majestic beauty.

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May 24, 2018

Stunning Photos Capture the Dreamy “Heaven on Earth” Landscapes of Patagonia

Vienna-based software engineer Lukas Furlan honed his passion for landscape photography during a recent trip to Patagonia. Fueled by wanderlust, Furlan is an avid traveler who photographs diverse locations, from Vietnam to Iceland. For a little over two weeks, the self-taught photographer soaked in the world famous Patagonian landscape, bringing home a camera filled with memories.

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May 1, 2018

Storm Chasing Photos Capture the Beauty and Destruction of Powerful Storm Clouds

Acclaimed photographer Camille Seaman continues to combine documentary photography with fine art sensibilities in her new book The Big Cloud. This ongoing series, which we first featured in 2012, sees Seaman taking on the role of storm chaser, pursuing the beauty and destruction of incredible storms across the United States. Seaman's foray into storm chasing was fortuitous.

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