Oil Painting

January 18, 2021

Expressive Oil Paintings Highlights Inner Thoughts and Emotions Through Flurries of Brushstrokes

Korean artist Taeil Kim merges creamy and bold textures to create moving abstract portraits. While the feminine figures in his oil paintings appear still, they are adorned by a flurry of spontaneous brushstrokes that are bursting with color and movement. The combination of these styles results in an intriguing portrayal of semi-clouded women. Kim's unique style is influenced by several great masters known for their expressive paintings, including the Flemish artist Rembrandt.

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December 4, 2020

Artist Copes With Lockdown Fatigue by Painting Immersive Landscapes

When seeking inspiration, many artists will turn to the beauty of the natural environment. For painter Luiza Niechoda, rendering immersive oil landscapes is more than just a creative outlet though. After feeling the fatigue from the COVID-19 lockdowns, she began a series of tranquil forest paintings entitled Quiet Escape. These mesmerizing canvases gave her a way to cope with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

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October 28, 2020

Painter Iris Scott on How Using Her Fingers Led to Her Success [Podcast]

Painter Iris Scott has been a My Modern Met favorite for years, as we've long admired her ability to elevate a technique used by children into the fine art world. As a renowned finger painting artist, Iris puts down the brush and uses her hands to manipulate oil paint. The results are lush, textural paintings that explode with color and movement.

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May 8, 2012

New Blurry Oil Paintings by Alexandra Pacula

A few years ago, we featured artist Alexandra Pacula's dizzying oil paintings and now we're pleased to announce her new show at Mighty Tanaka gallery in Brooklyn, New York starting May 11. Called Shifting Perspectives, expect to find new work by the artist including a 10 panel sequence with accompanying sound! Below is a sneak peek of that particular installation.

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