April 17, 2018

Stunning Photos of Abu Dhabi’s Towering Architecture Wrapped in Fog

While Abu Dhabi's architecture might often be overshadowed by neighboring Dubai, Khalid Al Hammadi‘s photography proves that the UAE's second most populous city is filled with magnificent vistas. Al Hammadi's imagery shows Abu Dhabi's architecture immersed in fog, white wisps enveloping futuristic skyscrapers and historic mosques. It's an interesting perspective from the recent graduate in chemical engineering, who began documenting his love of architecture in 2013.

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March 2, 2018

Aerial Drone Photos Immortalize the Dynamic Beauty of a Fast-Changing Shanghai

German photographer, digital artist, design director, and adventurer Mark Siegemund captured the incredible cityscape of Shanghai with a drone camera. Now living and working in the Chinese metropolis, his growing portfolio showcases the city’s dynamic, urban landscape from hard-to-reach angles, just like views from a bird’s perspective, above winding streets and between skyscrapers. A city that is essentially divided into two parts by the Huangpu River, Shanghai separates the future from the past.

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January 25, 2018

360° Aerial Photos of Barcelona Transform the City Into Small Planets

Currently living in Barcelona, Brazilian photographer Bruno Alencastro wanted to capture his experience in Europe by photographing the city from a different perspective. The task wouldn't be easy, considering millions of travelers flock to the city each year to photograph some of the city's most well-loved monuments. Thus, Alencastro took to the sky, creating a set of 360-degree aerial photographs that transform areas of Barcelona into small globes.

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January 6, 2018

Photographer Captures the Solitary Neon Streets of Hamburg at Night

Freelance art director and designer Mark Broyer explores his hometown of Hamburg after dark, shooting evocative night photography of its neon-tinged streets. Focusing on the empty avenues and stark storefronts of the German city, Broyer pulls out the lush details of the urban landscape. Broyer was first attracted t0 night photography as a way to explore the beauty in the ordinary.

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