March 7, 2018

Interview: Photographer Treks All Over to Capture Spellbinding Shots of the World

Swedish photographer and filmmaker Tobias Hägg is known for his dramatic landscape photography, achieved through the masterful use of either a drone or DSLR. An avid outdoorsman, Hägg has traveled from Patagonia to the Dolomites, hiking and trekking to capture the perfect image of the majestic landscapes around the world. With his company, Airpixelsmedia, Hägg works as a content creator to produce stock photography, high-quality films and still images, as well as fine art prints.

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February 7, 2018

Mystical Ice Caves of Iceland Look Like Abstract Oil Paintings

Photographer Matěj Kříž explores the depths of the great unknown with his camera. Using a combination of on-the-ground and aerial photography, he has captured the mystifying ice caves of Iceland. The breathtaking locale looks like it’s encased in glass and from certain vantage points doesn’t look like a landscape at all.

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February 5, 2018

Frozen Niagara Falls at Night Illuminated by Colorful Lights Looks Like an Alien Planet

We recently shared images of Niagara Falls frozen due to the extreme cold hitting North America over the winter. But Toronto-based photographer Adam Klekotka captured a whole new vision of the frozen falls with his stunning night photography. While he'd visited Niagara Falls several times during the daylight, the chilly temps made a night visit irresistible.

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January 11, 2018

20 of the Most Spectacular Drone Photographs of 2017

As drone photography has skyrocketed in popularity over the past several years, it's only fitting that it should have its own social network. Dronestagram, which also hosts one of our favorite photography contests, is a community for drone photographers and videographers to share their work and discuss tips and tricks of the trade on a forum. Recently, Dronestagram put together a list of its top 20 drone photos of 2017.

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