November 2, 2018

Interview: Melting Greenland Ice Sheet Captured in Ominous Aerial Photos

Aerial photographer Tom Hegen has dedicated his career to exposing how man has shaped the environment, and not always for the best. From engineered salt ponds to industrial tulip fields, these habitats are at once beautiful and frightening when one reflects on the consequences. It’s these consequences that are the focus of Hegen’s new series, titled two°celsius, which sees him taking flight over the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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October 29, 2018

Theater Lighting Designer Travels the World Capturing the Beauty of Natural Light

Bath-based travel photographer Lloyd Evans captures luminous images of locations around the world. As a lighting designer and landscape photographer, Evans employs his theatrical talents to “showcase places in their best possible light.” Ranging from the picturesque beaches of coastal Wales to the rugged terrain of idyllic Iceland, the jaw-dropping destinations explored by Evans emphasize his interest in illuminating drama.

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October 4, 2018

Breathtaking Beauty of Glaciers Illuminated by LED Drones at Night

Photographer Reuben Wu fuses landscape photography with fine art sensibilities to capture earthly scenes that have an otherworldly feel. Using powerful LED lights mounted on a drone, he selectively illuminated Pastoruri, one of the few glaciers left in the tropical parts of South America. His photographs were shot at night and showcase the blue glacial ice surrounded by sinuous black rock, all against a backdrop of the clear night sky.

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September 24, 2018

Traveling Photographer Captures Dreamy Landscapes Around the World

Photographer and filmmaker Ravi Vora specializes in storytelling. The Los Angeles-based creative’s interest in crafting a visual narrative is evident in his entire portfolio, which comprises commercial shoots, unique portraits, and dreamy travel photography. Vora’s collection of landscape photos features splendid sites from around the world. As an avid explorer, Vora often documents his adventures abroad, whether exploring the coastal cliffs of Scotland or standing in the golden sands of Abu Dhabi.

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