June 1, 2019

Interview: Former Musician Captures Silent Serenity of Iceland’s Majestic Mountains

Budapest-based photographer Gábor Nagy has cultivated a special connection to nature. Though he currently calls Hungary’s most bustling city home, Nagy never misses the opportunity for an outdoor excursion. In addition to stunning Central European sites like the Dolomites and the Alps, his travels have taken him to the arctic, where he has captured striking photos of Iceland from above. Shot from a drone, these aerial photos capture the country’s captivating terrain and, above all else, its inherently emotive landscape.

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May 23, 2019

Interview: Man Turns Passion for Hiking into Career as Landscape Photographer

Belgian landscape photographer Sven Broeckx is just a few years into his journey as a creative, but he’s already carved out a distinct niche for himself. He first fell in love with photography while hiking in Norway, and this has remained a constant in his work. By challenging himself to explore unseen sites, he’s able to capture incredible landscapes that are uniquely his own.

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April 25, 2019

Photographer Captures Magical Beauty of Looking Up in the Middle of a Forest

Italian photographer Manuelo Bececco captures the quiet beauty of the forest in his stunning landscape imagery. Inspired by the setting, Bececco uses nature as his canvas, allowing the light and color of the environment to inform his work. The results are photographs filled with a hint of mystery and awe that draw viewers into a magical world right here on Earth.

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April 5, 2019

Photographer Braves Disorienting White Sand Dunes to Capture Otherworldly Images

Nestled near the southern end of New Mexico is White Sands, a National Monument with a landscape that is seemingly from another planet. With blinding white dunes as far as the eye can see, the desolate view is striking and can even be disorienting. For photographer Navid Baraty, these aspects made it all the more alluring to visit. During the course of his solo 7,200-mile road trip, this site was a must-stop for him.

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