December 5, 2018

Photographer Dad Captures Daily Moments of Magic with His Three Daughters

Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi chronicles the daily life of his young family through candid color pictures. In his series titled One Two Three, Noguchi’s daughters are the stars: nine-year-old Yumeji, four-year-old Kotoyo, and two-year-old Hikono. Each image highlights different moments in their lives, from their everyday explorations to special occasions to epic meltdowns. Unplanned and captured in a split-second, Noguchi demonstrates his skills as a photographer to snap compelling scenes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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November 26, 2018

Adorable Dog Portraits Before and After Japanese Grooming Makeovers

Two years ago, animal photographer Grace Chon introduced her charming dog haircut portrait series, Hairy. The collection shows cute canines transform from bedraggled pups into pristine pooches in adorable before-and-after photos. Since then, Chon has expanded the series, photographing more than 30 dogs and their makeovers. The Hairy series focuses on an approach that favors creative cuts and funky shapes over standard trims.

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November 1, 2018

Interview: Photographer Captures Powerful Portraits of Marginalized Children in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi photographer Mou Aysha is using her skills to spotlight the plight of street children in her country. Through moving portraits of children in Dhaka and the Bangladeshi countryside, Aysha gives a voice to those who are often unheard. Aysha, who views her photography as a humanitarian way to enact change, has cultivated a strong following on Instagram, with over 31,000 supporters.

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September 21, 2018

Charming Dog Portraits Help to Give Shelter Dogs a Second Chance at Life

In a bid to promote pet adoption, animal lover Suzanne Donaldson (aka Mrs. Sizzle) recently teamed up with Social Tees Animal Rescue (STAR) and fellow dog lover and photographer Shayan Asgharnia to share the stories of 19 shelter dogs. The adorable pups have all traveled from “high-kill” shelters in LA to New York, where they now have a second chance of finding their forever homes.

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