April 17, 2018

Portraits of Identical Twins Reveal Their Similarities and Differences

For the past three years, Detroit-born, London-based photographer Peter Zelewski has been exploring the similarities and differences between sets of identical twins in his ongoing portrait photography series, Alike But Not Alike. Captured on the streets of London against neutral backdrops, Zelewski’s duos are of different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and styled to dress in matching clothing.

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March 13, 2018

Photographer Captures All 11 of Her Kids in One Stunning Heirloom Portrait

Photographer Lisa Holloway is perfectly poised to capture stunning sibling photography—she has a beautiful brood of 11 children! For years, we’ve marveled over her striking portraits of her kids, each of them in the midst of a tranquil landscape and bathed in natural light. Holloway’s children are often shot individually or in pairs, but for one of her latest photos, she’s combined all of them in one long black and white portrait.

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February 26, 2018

Interview: Photographer Who Suffered Infant Loss Captures Sweet Shots of Sleepy Newborns

As the founder of Tiny Times Photography, Vancouver-based photographer Mandy Tillitson has a sentimental speciality: newborn photos. Describing her photographs as “simple, sweet, [and] pure,” Tillitson captures heartwarming shots of brand new babies as they playfully pose and peacefully sleep. Creatively combining a lifetime of infant caregiving with 9 years' worth of photography experience, Tillitson has mastered the art of baby pictures.

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