March 13, 2019

Interview: Woman Uses Her Work Commute to Snap Portraits of Strangers with Her iPhone

Many of us commute on public transportation and wish that the minutes would fly by. Dina Alfasi makes the most of this typically boring experience with her creative pursuits. Based in Israel, she spends plenty of time riding buses or trains to get to her engineering job at a hospital. During these trips, she pulls out her iPhone and captures compelling moments in the everyday lives of strangers.

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March 3, 2019

Interview: Photographer Creates Surreal Self Portraits to Deal with Terrifying Sleep Paralysis

Photographer Nicolas Bruno is no stranger to a bad night of sleep. When he was just seven years old, he began experiencing sleep paralysis, a disorder in which you are conscious but unable to move. (The episodes are often more intense than that and include hallucinations.) As Bruno grew older and was in high school, his sleep paralysis started occurring every night. He didn’t know what was happening to him and became depressed.

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February 25, 2019

Traveling Photographer Captures Natural Beauty of People Met on Streets of India

Photography affords us the opportunity to travel without ever leaving our home. Adventurous souls like Magdalena Bagrianow use their innate sense of curiosity to reveal new corners of the world to viewers. Originally from Poland and now based in the UK, she traveled to India and shot gorgeous portrait photos of the people that live there. Bagrianow spent months initially exploring the country and meeting the residents in their natural environment.

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January 23, 2019

Photographer Shoots a “336-Month” Portrait of Her Best Friend Swaddled Like a Baby

Stephanie Smith of Southern Stitched Photography has built her career on capturing special moments for families, be it at weddings or other special occasions. So when her longtime friend Nicole Ham had an idea for a 28th birthday photo shoot, Smith used her talents to create an artful portrait of her pal. This wasn’t your ordinary grown-up style picture, though.

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