Renaissance Art

January 16, 2021

Rarely-Seen Illustrations of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ Are Now Free for All To View Online

This year marks the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death in 1321. The Italian poet and philosopher is the well-known author of The Divine Comedy—a three-part epic poem describing his journey through hell, purgatory, and finally, paradise. To recognize this significant milestone, the Uffizi Gallery is displaying a collection of rarely exhibited drawings by 16th-century Renaissance artist Frederico Zuccari, which illustrate scenes from Dante’s age-old chronicle.

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July 25, 2020

How the Florence Cathedral Spent Centuries Under Construction to Become a Beloved Landmark

From its scarlet red dome to its beckoning bell tower, the Santa Maria del Fiore is an architectural gem. Also known as the Florence Cathedral, it is one of the most significant—and most visited—landmarks in Italy and the fourth largest church in Europe. At first glance, the Florence Cathedral may appear to be one vast feat of architecture, but it is actually made up of a few different components.

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June 28, 2020

Learn the Remarkable History of Michelangelo’s ‘Dying Slave’ and ‘Rebellious Slave’ Sculptures

During the Renaissance, Michelangelo made a name for himself as a master of humanist sculpture. The Florentine artist's unrivaled ability to realistically represent the human form is evident across his entire body of work, with the famous David and Pietà at the forefront. Though undoubtedly among his most well-known works, these pieces are far from Michelangelo's only marble masterpieces—a point that is saliently proven by his Slaves.

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