Street Art

November 13, 2019

Woman Receives Power Washer for Birthday and Creates Stunning Artwork on Driveways

This year, Dianna Wood, a North Carolina resident, received a birthday present she had coveted for years—a power washer. Although not a trained artist herself, Dianna has long kept a range of creative hobbies on the side. Upon obtaining the power washer, it did not take Dianna long to transition from cleaning fences and bricks to something a bit more innovative. Inspiration struck as Dianna was about to clean the driveway.

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October 17, 2019

Banksy’s ‘Gross Domestic Product’ Homewares Store Is Now Taking Orders Online

When Banksy opened his homewares store Gross Domestic Product in London, he made it clear that interested buyers weren’t in for a regular shopping experience. While the Croydon store location certainly drew crowds, and got the world buzzing, it wasn’t possible to actually step inside and purchase anything. For that, Banksy stated that online sales would start soon.

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August 24, 2019

Street Artist Paints Melancholy Creatures with Messages of Hope Around the World

Attracted to the stories that walls tell, British street artist Hayley Welsh enjoys engaging in public space and adding her own artistic flair to the environment. By playing with the textures and features of these walls, she creates a surreal world filled with imaginary characters. These approachable, yet dark, creatures resemble familiar animals, but with a unique twist.

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