Street Art

August 1, 2021

Giant Rainbow Murals Inspired by the Secret Colors of Pigeon Feathers

Many birds are known for their fantastic plumage, while others remain underappreciated. Los Angeles-based artist Adele Renault uses city-dwelling pigeons as the muse for kaleidoscopic murals of detailed feathers. The ongoing series, called Gutter Paradise, decorates building façades across the globe with joyous colors and shapes. Renault is originally from Ardennes, Belgium, where she grew up on a farm.

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July 21, 2021

Street Artist’s Illusion of Spray Can Shooting Flames Leaves Indelible Mark on London

Back in 2014, when British street artist Irony decided to paint something celebrating the power of graffiti, they never could have imagined the impact their work would have. The anonymous artist's stunning image of a spray can shooting out flames has, in the years since it was painted, become a viral sensation multiple times over. Every few years, an image of the mural, with its expertly painted flames, makes the rounds online.

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June 20, 2021

Street Artist Uses Basketball Court as His Canvas to Celebrate Reopening of a Community

Italian street artist Fabio Petani recently used his skills to transform a basketball court into a work of art. Working together with the StreetArtBall Project, Petani painted a basketball court in northern Italy as a way to return a piece of social activity to a community that has been locked inside during the pandemic. Petani also took advantage of the opportunity to send an important message about the environment.

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June 7, 2021

Public Art Exhibition on Billboards Seeks To Shed Light on Attacks Against the AAPI Community

An upcoming public art exhibition in New York City will honor the AAPI community with works from artists across the globe. The forthcoming show is entitled Asians Belong Here and is done in collaboration with the Roosi, Ki Smith Gallery, SaveArtSpace, and Keith Estiler, art editor at HYPEBEAST. Works will be shown on billboards and bus shelters, spreading a message that all collaborators are passionate about—stopping Asian hate.

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