Street Art

December 4, 2017

Street Artist Paints Sad Clown Faces on Lonely Discarded Furniture Left in the Street

No matter where you live, you’ve probably come across sad, discarded furniture and household items that have been kicked to the curb. Unwanted, and exposed to the elements, these items are left on the hard pavement, waiting for someone to cherish them once again. A Los Angeles-based street artist—who goes by the name Lonesome Town—has been humanizing these unwanted objects and radiating their shared melancholy by painting sad clown faces on them.

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June 29, 2017

8 Artists Who Harness the Power of Words in Art

Language is a powerful tool. And no one understands that better than artists who thoughtfully utilize text to make a statement and draw out emotion. By using text as the central communication vehicle in their artistic expression, these artists push forth letters, numbers, and words as their primary means to get out their message. Of course, text and art have been intertwined for centuries—think of medieval illuminated manuscripts, with their elaborate illustrations.

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