Street Photography

November 22, 2021

Street Photographer Captures the Magical Moments That Happen When We’re Not Looking

Photography rewards those who keep their eyes open. If someone is dedicated to observing the everyday world at large, chances are that they'll serendipitously discover the compelling—and quirky—moments of life. Such is the case in the work of photographer Eric Kogan. With a keen sense of observation and timing, he captures astounding shots of New York City.

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June 5, 2020

Powerful Photos Capture the Passionate George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis [Interview]

For Dr. Artyom Tonoyan, the need to be politically active started at a young age. Growing up in Soviet Armenia, he saw firsthand how protests could bring a wave of change. So as an avid photographer, it only made sense for him to hit the streets as protests against the police brutality that resulted in the murder of George Floyd took hold across Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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