Photography Guide

February 7, 2018

Professional Photographer Shares Tips for Capturing the Perfect Seascape

Crashing ocean waves and scenic visual landscapes make seascapes an irresistible subject for many photographers. But, getting the final results that you'd like isn't always easy. Often the sky will appear overexposed or it's impossible to snap just at the moment the waves crash. Luckily, Australia-based landscape photographer Anton Gorlin has offered his expertise in a comprehensive guide on how to master seascape photography.

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July 20, 2017

Free Photography Tutorial Explores the Magic of Polarizing Lens Filters

As time goes on, certain types of photo equipment become obsolete as people use post production to spruce up their pictures. For instance, colored filters were once a common method of manipulating light directly in camera. And while most filters have fallen by the wayside, Christopher Frost's excellent YouTube tutorial on the benefits of a polarizing filter reminds us of why we should pick back up on it immediately.

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