Winners of the 2015 Urban Photography Competition Shine a Light on Diverse Urban Life Around the World

The 2015 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition recently released their selection of winning and honourably mentioned images that celebrate the diversity of urban life. With 21,000 stunning entries from over 113 different countries, the annual competition, in its 9th year of development, highlights the richness and variability of life in cities all around the world. Winners are selected in a number of categories, including regional winners (Americas; Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Youth winners, a Mobile winner, an overall winner, and hourly winners (24 different photos that represent each hour of a day).

Through this competition, CBRE aims to enhance understanding of the “built environment, on a global scale” by shedding light on a wide scope of urban development and lifestyle. The entries showcase the vivid contrast between working and living conditions in a variety of urban areas, as viewed by their residents. Each portrait captures a unique perception of the city as seen through the lens of the individuals that live there.

CBRE provides a wonderful platform for photographers and viewers to explore the contrasts and similarities between the daily realities of global citizens. Scroll down to see some of our favourite images from the competition.

Above photo: Mobile Winner: “Blizzard Days” by Cocu Liu – America

Overall Winner: “Xyclops” by Oscar Rialubin – Qatar

Americas Winner: “Winter Work” by Christopher Martin– Canada

Asia Pacific Winner: “Poultry Prepared for Market” by Peter Graney – Cambodia

The competition allows applicants to enter up to 24 images, one for each hour of the day. The following are some of the hourly winners.

00:00 Winner: “Managing Influence” by Pedro Guimaraes Lins Machado – Brazil

02:00 Winner: “General Compartment” by Sujan Sarkar – India

03:00 Winner: “Waiting for Tourists” by Grzegorz Piaskowski – India

04:00 Winner: “Crossroads” by Joshua Charow – America

06:00 Winner: “Morning Shift” by Jan Kotl – Bangladesh

10:00 Winner: “Construction on Call” by Geoff Williams – UK

13:00 Winner: “Workers” by SHM Mushfiqul Alam – Bangladesh

16:00 Winner: “In Between Work” by Ankit Narang – India

17:00 Winner: “Underground” by Mario Pereda Berga – Tokyo

20:00 Winner: “Mannequins” by Katia Morichetti – Italy

22:00 Winner: “Digital Age Vol. 2” by Martin Faltejsek – UK

23:00 Winner: “Oriental Fast Food” by Marcos Sobral – China

CBRE: Website | Facebook

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