Celebrity Portraits with a Dark Twist (20 total)

Though we've seen our share of celebrity photographers, we've never seen anyone who could bring out the delectably dark side of them like Patrick Hoelck. By carefully manipulating shadows and light, Hoelck creates a heightened sense of drama, turning our favorite celebrities into strangely intriguing characters. “When I photographed Ian McKellen,” Hoelck says, ” I really wanted to hit those cheekbones and the gauntness and the strangeness of his face and in the eyes. You're looking at probably 13 or 14 strobe heads for that photograph: there were a couple above him, one for an eye light, two slamming the sides of his head, two backed off for fill, edges…sometimes three, sometimes 17. It depends on the day. It depends on the time allowance.”

“It's funny,” he says. “People say, ‘You're dark,' and I'm like, ‘No! I used to be really dark!' My retouchers guide me here. I think I'm popping the models out and bringing them out of the environment. I see the world in a different way and I alter reality to fit the way I see. I always like the complications of altering it as opposed to going natural. I've always seen the world that way, and that's how I shoot it. I see things popping out–like somebody's eyes or soul. And I try to light accordingly.” Patrick Hoelck Other Incredible Celebrity Photographers: Stunning Celebrity Portraits – Lorenzo Agius (12 pics) Sexiest Celebrity Portraiture – James White (20 pics) Dan Winters Takes Timeless Celebrity Portraits (16 Favorites) 21 Sexy Celebrity Portraits – Tony Duran

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