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Beautifully Embroidered Silk Paintings by Art of Silk

Art of Silk produces beautiful silk embroidery art whose subjects range from fine art paintings and scenic landscapes to animal and floral portraits. Aside from producing traditional embroidery, though, the company has developed new methods of reproducing the intricate art. Founder Christopher Leung tells us, “We've combined this 2500-year-old art form with modern technology.”

Leung explains to us that their pieces are all originally hand-embroidered works of art by experts in their field. He discovered the spectacular art form upon a visit to the ancient Chinese city of Suzhou. He quickly became fascinated by the detailed, painstaking labor that was put into each piece, realizing that just one artwork could take months to complete. Additionally, transporting the piece would cost a handsome fortune fit only for the wealthiest individuals.

Thus, Leung sought to create a method that would allow for affordable acquisition of the finely detailed works. Within four years, the dedicated art enthusiast launched Art of Silk. The website explains, “Master embroiderers in Suzhou hand design and hand stitch our art. We trace their completed work, stitch-by-stitch, to create a digital version identical to the original. Finally, using genuine silk threads and advanced embroidery technology, we stitch the artwork to be identical to its original.”

Check out the video, below, for a comprehensive look at Art of Silk's process.

Art of Silk website

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