Incredible Colorized Photos by Amateur Historians

ColorizedHistory is a subreddit created by the talented photo editor Mads Madsen, aka zuzahin, that focuses on taking old, black and white images and restoring their color. With nearly 25,000 devoted community members, the stock of colorized photos continue to grow and shine a new light on history. They seek to be historically accurate and as believable as possible, in terms of color assignment. As such, the contributors are often history buffs themselves with a penchant for photography.

Though it may seem to be expert work, many of the members of the community are actually amateurs driven by their passion for photo editing and historical accuracy. In fact, they refer to themselves as “Amateur Historians.” They simply tackle any number of monochromatic images from yesteryear, breathing a new life into them with meticulously applied tints and tone. There are no specific eras or subjects required for the images featured in the pool. The collection includes any images taken from the dawn of photography in the 19th century to just decades ago, predating the advent of color film.

Top photo colorized by zuzahin

Colorized by zuzahin

Colorized by malakon

Colorized by Roumen

Colorized by Edvos

Colorized by HansLucifer

Colorized by zuzahin

Colorized by photojacker

Colorized by BenAfleckIsAnOkActor

Colorized by zuzahin

Colorized by agnoiologst

Colorized by Edvos

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