5 Fantastic Gift Ideas Found at The Colossal Shop

Rubber Barber Erasers

These days, you don't have to drive to your local modern art museum or store to find some truly unique gifts. Our friend over at art blog Colossal, Christopher Jobson, recently opened his very own online shop that's packed with goodies! Not only does Chris have a wonderful eye for art, he's also great at curating design-related items like toys, office supplies and even edibles.

We got a chance to sit down with Chris to ask him a few questions about his latest endeavor. Enjoy that quick Q&A and then check out the top five items, found in the Colossal Shop, we're absolutely loving right now.

Why did you decide to start up the Colossal Shop?
There are numerous artists and designers I've come to know as a result of running Colossal and to me this is just an extension of the great art and design you see on the blog, as well as supporting some local artists here in Chicago. Many more of which will have work in the shop in the coming weeks and months.

What challenges did you have to overcome?
Mostly the same challenges I overcame running the blog: specifically that I have no idea what I'm doing. I tend to be a linear thinker and less big picture. So everything with the shop is generally “let's try x and then y and then z and see what happens in three months.” Versus any kind of careful research or consideration. So far it seems to be working ok.

What drove you to ultimately create the Shop?
Ok, let's be honest. I really enjoy quirky, well-designed objects that make people smile and I wanted to fill my workspace with as many of them as possible, even if only temporary.

What's your favorite item in there right now?
Right now it has to be the chalkboard skulls by iamhome. A perfect blend of art, science, function, and humor.

What can people expect to see in the shop in the near future?
A fantastic design studio here in Chicago is making some really interesting furniture using repurposed beer barrels, and you can keep an eye out for a lot more functional design pieces for around the home and office. Also be on the lookout for some fancy chocolate and a fun kinetic pieces.

House Pencil Sharpener

Solar System Lollipops

Cloud Notes

House Rings

Friends, I know where I'll be doing my gift shopping from now on!

The Colossal Shop website

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