Easy DIY Project: Adorable Cookie Monster Rug

With his vibrant blue fur, googly eyes and boisterous nature, it's safe to say that Cookie Monster ranks among TV's most popular characters. The fuzzy creature who's been making children laugh for years can now become an adorable addition to any room thanks to a set of DIY instructions by creative guru Michael Warren. The Cookie Monster throw rug project with matching cookie pillows is the perfect endeavor for a creative parent or a doting friend who wants to make a kid's day.

In the 21-step instructions that reportedly take about an hour to complete, Warren reveals the simplicity of the design. Cookie Monster's eyes are made from balls of yarn and buttons. He directs users to trace upside-down salad bowls for the pillow patterns and also includes insightful tidbits in the instructions to guide readers into creating a truly authentic Cookie Monster, such as, “This monster has crazy eyes, so remember to place the eyes a little crossed.” The charming final product creates the perfect plush area for a child's nap time or play time – and it can double as whimsical dcor in a playful adult's home, too. Find the full set of instructions here.

Michael Warren's Instructables page
via [Laughing Squid]

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