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Cool Concept: Audi Shark (6 pics)

As the 2009 World Auto Design Contest Winner, Audi Shark promises to be the sleekest car of the future. Inspired by both plane and motorcycle, the Shark’s futuristic design will not have wheels but will be a flying machine. The outside paddles are designed by the effect of a shark and will provide not only speed but balance and control. The seats are similar to motorcycle seats but with added comfort. The creator is Mert Tol, the Creative Director and Owner at award-winning company Medyanadolu Creative Media. His client list includes everyone from BMW and Mercedes to Gucci and Prada.

Here what Tol says about life:
“Many things that I’ve gone through in the past, the trials & tribulations, has thought me the meaning of life, the faith that we have in ourselves, the strength that lies within, the importance of knowing who we are, and the purpose of living.

“Everyone is special. We have talents as well as special abilities. But it’s just a matter of whether we realize it or yet to realized. Some are blessed with plenty of talents, and some may not. But we must always remember that each of us will have something that we can do well. It all depends on the believe, the effort, initiative as well as passion that we have in ourselves.”

Mert Tol (Behance)

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