Couples That Play Together, Stay Together (12 photos)

Credit: Mattson Pictures

I've always felt that, through life's ups and downs, the couples that play together will always stay together. I've collected some of my favorite engagement and wedding shots to show you what I mean. Sure, I can't tell the future, but if I were a betting woman, (and I am – God, I love Vegas), I'd bet that these couples have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead of them.

Credit: Nikolay Kucan

Credit: Christopher Pouget of Coast Images

Credit: Adrienne Gunde

Credit: Nikolay Kucan

Credit: Now and Then Photography

Credit: Zoom Photography

Credit: Chennergy

Credit: You Can't Be Serious

Credit: Sarah Yates Photography

Credit: Laura Greer of Beautiful Day Photography

And finally, a personal picture.

Credit: Jessica Claire

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