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10 Creative Art and Craft Ideas That Are Pinterest-Approved

Painted Stones

Artist Elspeth McLean transforms ordinary stones into dazzling works of art. With your favorite acrylic paint, a set of brushes, and smooth rocks, you can create colorful art objects to decorate your home or to give as a gift. But if mandalas aren’t your thing, let these rocks painted like animals inspire you.


Resin Bowl

Resin and wood is a stunning combination that works for a variety of applications, from jewelry to furniture. Artisan Peter Brown shows you how you can create your own shimmer wood and resin bowl. This detailed DIY, however, is geared towards those with power tools experience and good ventilation (resin is smelly).


Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is an art that dates back to the Renaissance, but over the past several years, artists like Yulia Brodskaya and Sena Runa have demonstrated that it has a place in contemporary art. Craftsy has a primer on 15 of the basic paper quilling shapes.


Fairy Gardens

Don’t throw away that broken terracotta pot. Creative gardeners are transforming the broken pieces into charming “fairy gardens” instead. These pots often arrange the fragmented edges in stair-step formations leading up to small houses that make it looks like mystical creatures live there.


Paper Lampshade

A lampshade offers an easy way to add flair to your home while still being practical. But instead of buying something from the store, try making your own lampshade out of paper; it allows you to customize its color and size. If you’d like a little help, VasiliLights crafts kits that you can assemble from their easy-to-follow instructions.


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