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Gigantic Light Beams in the Netherlands Mimic the Aurora Borealis

The artist who brought us the swirling, Van Gogh-themed lighted path is back with another dazzling creation that illuminates the night. Daan Roosegaarde recently created a light installation that mimics the aurora borealis. The galactic beams of Waterlicht crisscross dramatically in the skies above a dike in Westervoot, turning the region's foggy conditions into a stunning display that masquerades as the Northern Lights.

The powerful, blue LED beams also look like waves lapping above viewers' heads. In fact, the Dutch artist created the display in cooperation with the country's water management board to raise awareness for the Netherlands' topography. Much of the country lies below sea level and is protected by an elaborate system of waterworks.

“In Waterlicht, people experience what the Netherlands would look like without its dykes,” says Hein Pieper, the water board chairman. “Awareness is crucial, because the Dutch waterworks need every-day maintenance, and our national water awareness is the foundation of that maintenance.”

Daan Roosegaarde's website
via [Dezeen]

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