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Stunning Puddle Reflections Add Magic to Everyday Scenes

Among the city streets and large stone buildings, photographer Daniel Antunes captures glimpses of a world turned topsy-turvy. The Lisbon-based creative has a knack for finding puddles of water that cast brilliant reflections of the surrounding cityscape. Historical monuments, a scooter driver, and the average passerby are seen mirroring themselves in these visually complex and stunning images.

There’s an incredible clarity to Antunes’ photographs, even in the water’s echos. They often aren’t big enough to mirror an entire building or group of people. Instead, they’re small patches set within the gravel roads and cobblestone passageways. These are delightfully-surreal additions to otherwise realistic images. Antunes’ eye for colors and textures add magic to these everyday scenes.

Daniel Antunes 500px page

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